About Us

The Golden Guardians Academy annually recognizes the most innovative, creative and successful Minecraft community projects of the year 2021/2022 and is supported by The Elder Guardian. The jury is made up of staff from The Elder Guardian and Parks-mc Actus.


The second ceremony of the Golden Guardians will take place on 6th August 2022 at 19:30 UTC


How will Golden Guardians play out?

  1. Today - July 16: You, dear audience, will nominate projects
  2. July 16 - 30: A Jury consisting of some members of The Elder Guardian and Play-mc Actus staff will then nominate 5 projects in each category.
  3. July 30 - August 4: They will be submitted during the Guardians Week to the public vote which counts for 1/3 of the score. The Jury will also score the projects and counts for 2/3 of the score
  4. August 6: The winners will be announced at the ceremony.

How to submit a project

You can use this form. It is possible to compete in several categories per project (submit for example a short film and its map). However, you are limited to a maximum of 2 projects per category and 5 in total. Projects can be submitted in the name of a person or the structure that made it.

What is the Guardians Week ?

Guardians Week is a convention taking place from 30 July to 6 August 2022. Discover new projects, gain visibility and participate in events!


Did you say The Elder Guardian?

The Elder Guardian is a french monthly digital newspaper on Minecraft. In a 15-page magazine, you can discover news, servers, mods, maps, resources pack, reportages... about our favourite game.


Do you know Parks-mc Actus?

ParksMc-Actus is an independent news organization created on May 10, 2021 relaying the news of Minecraft amusement parks. You will discover a multitude of articles on amusement parks, water parks, zoological parks, theme parks, customs, and on all Bedrock or Java platforms.