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The Academy of the Golden Guardians annually recognizes the most innovative, creative and successful projects in the Minecraft community. The prestigious award is presented during the Creative Olympics and carried by The Elder Guardian. The Jury is composed of 2 members from The Elder Guardian and 2 members from Gunivers.


The first ceremony of the Golden Guardians will take place on 25th July at 19:00 UTC, at the end of the Creative Olympics.


How will Golden Guardians play out?

  1. Today - July 11: You, dear audience, will nominate projects
  2. July 11 - 17: A Jury consisting of 2 members of The Elder Guardian staff and 2 members of Gunivers will then nominate 5 projects in each category.
  3. July 17 - 24: They will be submitted during the week of the Creative Olympics to the public vote which counts for 1/3 of the score. The Jury will also score the projects and counts for 2/3 of the score (1/3 for The Elder Guardian and 1/3 for Gunivers)
  4. July 25: The winners will be announced at the ceremony.

Who is the jury?

The jury is made up of four people, two from The Elder Guardian and the other 2 from Gunivers. The Jury's vote counts for two thirds of the score, the rest is the public's score.

Aeris One

The Elder Guardian


The Elder Guardian

Just a Player




Did you say The Elder Guardian?

The Elder Guardian is a french fortnightly digital newspaper on Minecraft. In a 15-page magazine, you can discover news, servers, mods, maps, resources pack, reportages... about our favourite game.


What is Gunivers?

Gunivers is a community that aims to bridge the gap between learning and fun, all through creative projects on games like Minecraft. According to them, such projects can provide a wealth of knowledge and skills in countless areas, while being fun for both users and creators.